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Timely treatment of diseases of the ENT organs is important in preventing adverse consequences.

If there is any injury to the nose, they need to get the advice of a doctor. If surgery is performed on time, the opening of the hematoma and the removal of caked blood or pus, then the prognosis will be positive. When a secondary infection is added or a nasal abscess is formed, involvement of the quadrangular cartilage is not ruled out. As a result, the outer nose is deformed. If suppuration spreads further against the background of other diseases, then the prognosis will depend on the effectiveness of therapy.

The cause of an abscess and hematoma of the nasal septum is usually trauma. This pathology is usually observed in children. Blunt trauma to the nose, causing a shear deformity, leads to separation of the mucoperioste from the underlying cartilage or bone, accumulation of blood in the resulting space and the formation of a hematoma. When a hematoma of the nasal septum becomes infected, an abscess forms. The diagnosis is based on anamnestic data (nasal trauma), the detection of a hematoma, usually located in the anterior part of the nasal septum, as well as edema that overlaps the nostrils and, when palpated with a probe, gives the impression of a cystic formation.

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A wide incision is made to drain the hematoma, after which the exfoliated mucous membrane, together with the perichondrium and periosteum, is pressed against the cartilagewith the help of Doyle's splint to achieve its fusion. If the hematoma becomes infected, the surgical wound is left open to allow outflow and prevent cartilage necrosis with deformity of trileptal online nose or thickening of the nasal septum due to fibrosis. Antibiotics are prescribed. If necrosis develops, the non-viable tissue is excised and, if necessary, the defect is repaired with preserved cartilage to maintain the skeletal function of the septum.

If an infected hematoma or nasal septal abscess is not drained, meningitis and cavernous sinus thrombosis may develop. a - bilateral abscess of the nasal septum, b - diagram of a hematoma of oxcarbazepine septum, c - CT scan with abscess of the nasal septum.

A special place is occupied by ruptures of aneurysms of the vessels of the spinal cord. Contributing factors are atherosclerotic vascular changes, hemorrhagic diathesis, the development of gliosis in the spinal cord, the development of sepsis. Hematomyelia is more common in men. The development of the disease is rapid. Hematomyelia often develops in the gray matter, occurs in the form of small hemorrhages, or in the form of extensive hemorrhagic foci containing blood clots. It is noted that punctate hemorrhages in the transverse direction to buy oxcarbazepine cord spread over a short distance, while hemorrhages in the central canal area spread along several segments.

In the area of hemorrhage, the death of nervous tissue occurs. With gross destruction of the substance of the brain, cysts with glial walls are formed. With pronounced proliferative processes in glia, there may be a progressive course. It has been suggested that hematomyelia is one of the causes of syringomyelia.

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Sometimes, with the destruction of the substance of the spinal cord, ascending and descending degeneration of the fibers of the spinal cord occurs. "Hematomyelia" and other articles from the section Handbook of Neurology.